Red Parka Collection

Red Parka Collection

Red Parka Fabric Collection

By Jennifer Cossins and Tracy Colhoun

Discover the latest fabric collection from Red Parka, created by Tasmanian artists renowned for their vibrant, nature-inspired designs. Drawing inspiration from their love for the animal kingdom, bushwalking adventures, and the beauty of nature, this collection celebrates all things wild and wonderful.

With a mission to spread joy and foster a deeper connection to the earth through art, Red Parka's newest collection features beloved Australian native creatures and birds. From playful kangaroos and cuddly wombats to majestic emus and colourful parrots, each design captures the unique beauty and character of Australian wildlife.

Whether you're a quilter, crafter, or nature enthusiast, the Red Parka Fabric Collection offers something for everyone. Let these delightful prints inspire your next sewing project and bring a touch of the Australian wilderness into your home.

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Red Parka Collection

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