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A Quilter’s Delight    

Margaret CLARK (1901-2001) 
Written By Vivien Kells of Federation Fairies


Fairy gardens and fairy pictures were part of my childhood. Our very small great aunt drew magical pictures. We had no idea that she was a professional artist at the age of 17 and became a household name during the 1920’s. 

Federation Fairies was formed in 2011.  As her great niece I wanted  to ensure this iconic illustrator lived on in Australia and worldwide. Modern technology has been of great benefit in introducing Margaret to this modern generation.
Margaret’s fantasy illustrations are coloured pen and ink drawings on paper. In time her style developed to a trademark India ink background which gave her detailed subjects a 3D effect.  Each illustration is a dramatic incident in itself, a static composition which conveys a story of immediate charm and appeal.
A hundred years on – her collection continues to delight all those who see it. 
A release of her illustrations translated to fabric, is a dream come true.  Finding the right partners who would produce a quality cotton fabric was an interesting journey. Australian designs with the emphasis on Australian input and distribution will ensure a quality product for those very talented devotees of our whimsical Margaret Clark.

I am proud that the Devonstone collection has included Margaret’s exquisite illustrations in the range. The lovely stitchery fabric (a linen/cotton combination) will please those who love to embroider.

Quilting is an ancient craft that will always challenge individuality and creativity. I am really looking forward to see the final results of dedication and skill.

Click here to view the new Federation Fairies fabric collection arriving soon to Koala Fabrics




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